The western safari circuit takes place against the backdrop of Lake Tanganyika. It includes Mahale Mountains National Park, Gombe Stream National Park, Ugalla Game Reserve, Uwanda Game Reserve and Katavi National Park.



Mahale Mountains National Park is situated on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, about half way between the Burundi and Zambian borders. The lake itself lies at 730m, but the park’s highest point is 2,462m, which accounts for the presence of 4 ecological zones, beginning, in the foothills, with mixed open canopied woodland and followed by a small band of rainforest, Afro-montane forest and, towards the top, moorland. There are two seasons : rainy and dry. The rainy season lasting from October to April, the dry season from May to September. Rainfall levels fluctuate according to altitude and position. The West is much wetter than the East, with the lake and shore receiving 1500mm per year, the higher parts between 2000mm and 2500mm per year. On average, the area receives 1800mm per year. Temperatures range from 18°C to 32°C. It is generally hot and humid, even at lake level, especially during the rainy season.

The best time to view Mahale’s primates is between July and October, when cartloads range through the lower slopes, and when it is dry, the going easy.


Katavi National Park lies South of Mpanda. Little known, little visited, Katavi is a dry season park of the highest order. Katavi experiences one rainy season, November to April. On average, it receives 930mm of rain per annum, most of it in the wet season. At this time the game is dispersed, elusive and very difficult to spot. More, the park is genuinely uncomfortable, the roads impassable, the air muggy, the nights stiflingly hot.

Conversely, the Katavi dry season is cooler and much less humid and makes for much easier travelling. The cover is greatly reduced, seasonal lakes and rivers are all but dried up and the game masses along the Katuma River, presenting viewers with a litany of extraordinary sights.


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